Malik and Friends

...inspiring future global leaders, one story at a time!
Akili Raphael and his mom have a unique and special way of 
communicating. We would like to follow more
stories of Malik’s
fights against illnesses and saving the world.”

--Rita Fonseca (First Daughter of the Cape Verde Islands) and
Dr. Ligia Fonseca (Attorney at Law and the First Lady of the
Cape Verde Islands)

The Malik and FriendsTM children’s book series is targeted to kids ages 3 to 8 and teaches them about different parts of the world, global issues, friendship, and problem-solving. Global issues tackled in the series include malaria, water conservation and sanitation, and natural disasters. Children are encouraged to volunteer in their local communities to address global concerns. Malik and FriendsTM teaches young children to be global citizens.

Read Malik and the Malaria-Carrying Mosquito, and learn how he responds to a request from his friend François to help prevent mosquitoes from infecting children in Burkina Faso.

And don't forget, Malik says, "Turn off the water!" in which he travels to Australia to help his friend Catryna promote water conservation and sanitation.

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Malik and the Malaria-Carrying Mosquito

Malik says, "Turn off the water!"

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Malik says, "Turn off the water!"           Click Here

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About the Authors

Akili Raphael is 9 years old with an interest in learning about different cultures and people. He enjoys martial arts, basketball, writing, illustrating stories, and learning languages.

Harriet Lewis, PhD, is the mother of Akili Raphael.  She is a social and market researcher, whose focus of inquiry include issues related to human rights, international development, and tourism.  Dr. Lewis served in the U.S. Peace Corps, and enjoys traveling and learning.

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